At Skincare by Erika, we adhere to strict hygienic standards and we never double dip. We offer free Touch Ups with all of our Brazilian waxes. The first few times people get Brazilians, they often can have hair remaining that is either too short to wax or about to break through the surface. We always offer and encourage our clients to come back in within 7 days for their FREE Touch Up. The service must be with the same tech they saw for their Brazilian and within 7 days.

For Best Results:

• Your hair must be at least 1/4” long, or 3 weeks without shaving.
• Avoid excess sun exposure: sun burned skin cannot be waxed.
• Do not apply self-tanners or moisturizers.
*Certain products and medications like Retin-A and Accutane are counter-indicated for waxing due to increase skin sensitivity. Please let us know if you are currently using these products or if you have recently used them.


Waxing Packages

  • 5-Pack Brazilian — $299 female only

  • 5-Pack Brows — $120 

Brow Shape — $30

Nostrils — $25

Chin — $20

Sideburns — $35

Bikini — $60 & up


Full Female Brazilian — $80

We use a high quality European Blue Hard Wax

Female Brazilian Maintenance — $65

Only valid for our repeat clients and in between 3-6 weeks after their first Brazilian appointment done at Skincare by Erika.

Full Arms — $45, Half Arms — $35

Lip — $20

Half Leg — $55

Full Leg — $75-$95

Underarm — $35

Back — $60-$100   Chest $45-$65

Buttocks — $40-$60 (female only)

Eyebrow Tweezing — $30